We specialize in Live Sound Supply and Capturing.

Crystal Sound Events has been moving and shaking in the music industry for more than a decade. We never compromise on quality equipment and therefore set the benchmark for excellent and reliable sound. Our concerts and events remain memorable and professional long after they took place. Rather safe than sorry, Crystal Sound becomes apart of the production from every aspect and therefore ensures a smooth product controlled and assembled exactly the way the artist wanted it to.

Within pre production it is vital for Crystal Sound to build a relationship with the client. We plan the event along with the ideals and prospects of the client. Sight meetings for plotting and acoustic arrangements form a key part of the success of the show. We can operate within budget and have a variety of sound options for your concert. The Crystal Sound team covers every part of the show from staging and lighting to audio visual and video recording.

A part of the recording package includes a post production ‘after event’ service. This consists of overdub sessions in studio to iron out the creases of mistakes and pitch correction during performances. Crystal Sound Events have a range of Lighting Technicians, Vision Mixers and Camera Operators working together with Sound Stylists and Production managers. Since these parties have been working in trust and expertise for years it is highly recommended that our clients makes use of the entire production crew to secure a beautiful and smooth flowing product.

Dry Hire of equipment can be arranged as well as delivery at your specified venue. Our engineers has crossed over to digital mixing years ago but we can still supply analog mixers for renting in instances where our clients cant work on the digital equipment.

DB technologies is our main supplier and our speakers range from 8″ stage monitoring to large flyable line array systems. All of the sound equipment that we use are for sale and available for demonstrations upon request.

Alwin established the company 17 years ago. Being a professional musician himself he recognized a gap in the market for specialized sound. He spent many hours perfecting tone and pitch on instruments and vocals. No performance can be great without the full trust in the engineer. The engineer forms a part of the band and brings forth the best tone and clarity you can offer your audience.

Concerts outdoor and Indoor

Installations for churches with Sound Engineering Training

Engineers and Technicians for Sound, Lighting and Audio Visual

Setup crew and transport nationwide


Based in Mpumalanga and Gauteng