Recording Package

Crystal Sound Event made it’s first major debut as a Live Recording Specialist back in 2004 at the Sheraton Hotel in Pretoria when they recorded and produced an album called Lebo Live at the Sheraton.

Reviews poured in and artists started approaching Alwin for their own productions and very soon Alwin was producing Live DVD Recordings at the State Theatre and many other churches and theaters in the country, including the Award winning album from Agape Church. Artists from Thohoyandou also got word and made contact with Crystal Sound Events for their productions.

Musical Directors and Producers can work alongside and trust that the production will smooth and exactly to their hearts’ content. Visual mixers on sight makes the concert look spectacular. Film crew comes with the newest technology and HD Cameras to capture every moment of your show. The visual production company sub contracted by Crystal Sound Events have been working with Alwin on most of his productions and also share the same principle of not compromising on quality of equipment or service supplied.

Lighting Engineers were trained and directed by Crystal Sound and always attend rehearsals for accurate cueing and magical displays. Backdrops with beautiful LED displays and moving heads is what you can expect at one of Crystal Sound’s concerts.


Production Management


In DVD recordings, many aspects must come together to form a good product at the end of the day.

Having one supplier who drives the technical production is the only way of ensuring a quality product.

When lighting, audio, recording, backline, video, post production teams are from different origins, communication is compromised as is the quality of the production.

Crystal Sound is a one-stop-shop who can bring all these elements into harmony and therefore have award winning results


Jazz with Crystal Sound

Post Production PackageĀ 

After the event the artists, musical directors and producers come together and listen to the raw footage. When there were hiccups or mistakes on stage the artists will then return for overdubs to correct pitch on vocals (especially choirs) and instruments. Alwin will then spend time to bring together the final mix and mastering. At this time an audio product is ready for radio airtime. When all parties involved are satisfied with the audio mix down the footage will then be added to the video reel. This also takes some time to edit, but the final product is worth the wait.

Audio Visual

DVD Recordings