Don’t trust the DJ?

Play your own music at your event. We often come across an event spoilt by overbearing and loud music. After formalities and speeches your guests want to either have a good meal and pleasant conversation with each other or they want to dance to a familiar tune affiliated with the event they came to. Many event planners book DJ’s without priorly discussing the theme or atmosphere required for the event.

Therefore Crystal Sound Events recognized this problem and realized that everyone who owns a smart phone or audio device carry their own music and playlists with them. How easy and safe it would be for your event if you can avoid unexpected noise and maxed out volume settings.

Crystal Sound crew will setup your PA System at your venue with a speech microphone and podium and insert your device whether it be an i pod, USB, MP3 or laptop and drive your entertainment exactly the way you planned it. We supply the best quality speakers regardless of the size or angles of the venue.

Speech microphones are cordless to enable free roaming whenever you need to involve your guests in a Q&A debate. Crystal Sound also supplies a Perspex Podium and have lapel mics available on request.

It really is as easy as pressing play. Our DB Technologies speakers are very easy to use and can be handled by anyone like your best man at your wedding…

We supply to any venue in Mpumalanga and Gauteng. Private Parties and Corporates. Soiree’s and Garden Concerts can be made possible for you by adding a mixing console and great musicians.

Crystal Sound has been actively a part of the music industry for years and built up many relationships and contacts with South African talent and Session Musicians. Whenever you want to take your event to the next level you can give us a call and we’ll supply you with the best entertainment for your event.