Sound Engineer and Musician

The Sound Technician forms a part of any musical ensemble. Alwin is the man behind the masterpiece. Being a professional musician himself, he understands exactly what you go through on stage. It takes a musician to fine tune tone and find the clearest sound. Once Alwin worked behind the scenes you will never want another engineer.

He established Crystal Sound Events in 2003 to combine his passion for music and sound. Alwin spent hours on end figuring out the digital mixing consoles and crafted his first few live albums on the Yamaha AW4416. After it became evident that he succeeded and mastered the machinery he packed away the analog mixers and started working on the Yamaha 02R, 01V and X32 Behringer Mixing Consoles.

The variety and versatility the digital world in audio offers cannot compare to that of analog desks. Musicians and companies all over the country applauded Alwin for his deep and colorful mixes. Still today he has artists refusing to perform unless he is behind the desk. The security he offers in your final mix makes your performance unforgettable and free to explore your talent without stressing about vocal restraints or harsh tones.

There is also a definite calmness in his manner. Usually the tempers fly and nerves give in before a major performance. Alwin has helped many artists to stay calm and collected before the curtains open and shows must go on.

In 2010 he was searching the country for a better brand of speaker. He visited all the Media Tech Shows and Music Outlets to listen to endless demonstrations. After almost giving up he decided that an old pair of speakers which he bought at a swap shop in Johannesburg was still the best he’s ever heard.

He did some research on this particular brand and came across dB Technologies in Italy. The brand wasn’t being distributed in South Africa, so Alwin changed that. He made direct contact with the manufacturers and had the first shipment arrive in South Africa a few months ahead of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Alwin never looked back on brand and quality. Since 2010 he has installed many line array systems and only uses dB Technologies for his own concerts and rentals.